ALKOSTIK is a high-temperature adhesive lubricant based on an aluminium-complex grease. It is used for lubricating open reducers and large-diameter gears operating at small rotational speeds, at temperatures ranging from -30°C to 160°C. They are used to lubricate assemblies of rotating kilns, cement mills, rotating transporters, etc. Besides this, it shows excellent results in lubricating steel cables and chains at elevated temperatures and in the presence of moisture, sea water and impurities

SPEC: SRPS ISO 6743/9; ISO L-XCEEB; internal specifiation

PACKAGING: 15kg (ALKOSTIK 100, 400), 170kg.


NLGI grade 0 1 2 3
Appearance Black grease
Graphite content, % 19
Dropping point, °C 120 130 140 150
Weld point, N 400