GALAX NAUTIK EKO is a synthetic engine oil intended for lubricating two-stroke water-cooled outboard engines, by mixing with fuel, in the ratio recommended by the engine manufacturer. Formulated from a specially selected  mixture of synthetic base oils and an ash-free additive package, characterized by a high level of biodegradability.

GALAX NAUTIK EKO secures reliable engine operation and protects it from rust during long periods when it is not in use. A solvent is added to the lubricant, which secures excellent miscibility with fuel.

SPEC: NMMA TC-W3®; SAE J 1536 grupa III

PACKAGING: 0.25L, 1L, 200L.


Appearance Clear liquid
Viscosity (100°C), mm2/s 7.7
Viscosity index 159
Flash point, °C 158
Pour point, °C <-40
Brookfield viscosity (-25°C), mPa·s 3100
Sulphated ash, w. %, max. none
TBN, mg KOH/g 11.9