KORSANTIN 40 is a cooling agent for internal combustion engines, made from mono-ethylene glycol and corrosion inhibitors. It does not contain amines, phosphates and nitrites. It provides reliable protection of the cooling system from freezing, overheating and corrosion of all metals and alloys in the system. Ready for use without dilution. The drain interval is two years.

SPEC: SRPS H.Z2.010 Tip 3; BS 6580; ASTM D3306; AFNOR R15-601; SAE J1034

PACKAGING: 1L, 4L, 220kg.


Appearance Green-blue liquid
Density, (20oC), g/cm3 1.07
Freezing point, oC -38
Boiling point, oC 107
pH value 8
Glassware corrosion test Pass